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At Home Paint Kit

At Home Paint Kit

Price range $25 - $100 and custom packages. Each at-home art kit includes paint, paintbrushes, paint palette, and canvas. Canvas varies in size and is pre-designed. Plain canvas also available. Paint colors vary. 


At Home Art Kits are perfect for virtual and in-person paint parties or private one-on-one art lessons. 



  • How To Get Started

    Choose any design from our curated paintings on the website. 

    Choose a canvas size.

    Canvas sizes range from small to medium to large.

    Our staff of artists will apply your design to your canvas.

    Your pre-designed canvas will be shipped to you in your kit. Also included will be paint, paint brushes, and a paint palette.

    once you have your art kit you can paint on your own, arrange a one-on-one art lesson, or join a virtual art party. 

    We can also advise you on how to display your work of art in your home or office. 

    The creativity is limitless.

    Order your art kit today and let's get creative!


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